Ceneton is directed by A.J.E. Harmsen, Dutch Department, Leiden University, P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden. You can download Ceneton here. You will need FileMaker Pro 12.


Ceneton (Census Nederlands toneel) describes all manuscripts and editions of Dutch drama until 1803. This date was chosen because in that year the final old edition of one of the plays by the art society Nil Volentibus Arduum was published. By Dutch drama we mean all texts written for production of which a the author is Dutch or Flemish, also translations and plays in other languages. Ceneton now includes (1st of January 2020) data on 12.000 plays (numbered Ceneton000010 - 120000). The most important data have been published on World Wide Web:
On these plays the following information is given: Serial number; Author; Original author; Short title; Complete title; Transcription of title page; Place of publication; Printer and/or publisher; Year of publication; Genre; Represented place; Represented time; Number of acts; Dramatis personae; Incipit; Dedication: addressee and applicant; Bibliographical collation; Fingerprint; Illustrations: artists, technique; Notes on publication; Shelf marks of copies in more than 30 public libraries.
At this site, you can read 900 plays in full text and/or in facsimile edition.
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We show:
  1. list of plays
  2. 5.400 incipits
  3. authors
  4. translated authors
  5. printers
  6. finger prints

Ceneton contains contributions of:

Lonneke van Bergen * Monique Beukers * Corina Blankenstijn * Iskander Boon * Jaap Breunesse * Leendert Couprie * Victoria van den Doel * Paul Dijstelberge * Caroline Gauthier * Rob Goedemans * Mirjam Haasnoot * Ton Harmsen * Everhard Hofland * Paula Koning * Madelon Monté * Gerhard Jan Nauta * Martijn van Opbergen * Marti Roos * Anne-Brechtje Schelfhout * Mathilde Talens * Marco Uitendaal * Gerrit van Uitert * Christine Vink * Pascale van der Vorst * Charlotte Weers * Daphne Wouts * Swen Zuiderwijk

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