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Popular Roots of European Culture through Film, Comics and Serialized Literature (EPOP)

The EPOP project concerns the production, distribution and consumption of fictional texts (both written and visual) serially produced by European culture industries between the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Though the transnational dimension of this phenomenon has been widely acknowledged, communication among various cultural institutions concerned with research in this domain still remains flawed. EPOP aims to surpass the cultural and linguistic boundaries that have so far prevented a true appraisal of the full European dimensions of the phenomenon by establishing a transnational network of researchers and institutions working to promote a better understanding of this particular cultural heritage among EU citizens. The cooperation among a wide range of cultural institutions in different countries aims to integrate research, didactics and popularisation activities. Several actions have been planned:

EPOP aims to contribute to the promotion of a better awareness of the history of European popular culture and the necessity of its preservation.  

The Leiden project staff are:

A.H. van der Weel; Tel. 071-5272141; E-mail
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