Rif Berber is spoken in North Morocco by some 1-2 million people. From the late sixties onwards, Rif Berbers migrated in considerable numbers to the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands the estimated number of speakers of Rif-Berber is 200.000 out of a total of 300.000 Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin.

Rif Berber is known for its extreme dialect differentiation, its complicated phonological processes that may influence morphological structures. Migrants of various regions of the Rif can be found in the Netherlands.

In the academic year 2003-2004 a Rif Berber course is offered at Leiden University by dr. Mena Lafkioui or by Prof. Harry Stroomer. Ph. D. proposals on Rif Berber can be submitted to Prof. Harry Stroomer.

Rif berber example text:

De magische ring. Bron: M. Kossmann De Menseneetster: verzamelde sprookjes uit de Rif. Bulaaq: Amsterdam.
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