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Ann Fisher (1719-1778)

baptised 9 December 1719

biography (Ann Fisher and her network of friends and relatives)

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  • Fisher, Ann. 17886 (1773). An Accurate New Spelling Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language. Containing a much larger Collection of Modern Words than any Book of the Kind and Price extant […] to which is added, an entire new Dictionary of all the heathen gods and Goddesses […] to the whole is prefixed, a compendious, practical Grammar of the English Language. London: printed for the Author.
  • Fisher, Ann. 18025 (?). The Young Scholar’s Delight; or, Familiar Companion. Being an Easy Introduction to the most useful Sciences. Newcastle: S. Hodgson.


Ann Fisher and her grammar

The first edition of the grammar has not come down to us. The only evidence we have of it is the following advertisement in the Newcastle Journal of 29 June 1745, which is here published for the first time:


of related interest

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