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The Academic Press Leiden Printing Press Room

The facilities of Academic Press Leiden are concentrated in its printing press workshop, usually referred to as the "Press Room" for short. The Press Room derives its name from the time it was first equipped with a letterpress printing press in 1990. Its function has since widened to include housing the administrative offices and warehouse of Academic Press Leiden, as well as APL's electronic prepress production facilities (PageMaker on Apple Macintosh). The workshop is run by a committee of students and staff and is available for students' course work as well as individual projects.

Main facilities:

  • VanderCook proof press with metal type in many founts and sizes (main text letter: 12pt Caslon)
  • Apple Macintosh computers (PowerMac G3 and G4) for electronic prepress, and 600 dpi Hewlett Packard laser printer, scanner, etc.
  • Basic reference library

Students at work at a publishing project, printing a dust cover on the VanderCook:


Aspiring printers can find much to read in the APL reference library. There is also a useful printing primer on the web, written by Tom Davis from the University of Birmingham, where a nice nineteenth-century printing press is used in teaching analytical bibliography. The only major difference between their press and ours is that ours is a flat-bed press, while theirs is a platen press.

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