Digital access to cultural heritage

Period: Second semester

Year: 2005-2006

Instructors: Dr. Patricia Alkhoven (coordinator), Drs Marcel Ras (KB)

Course objectives:


Class form: Weekly seminars for seven weeks with exercises

Examination: Final paper and/or project

Literature: Lorna M. Hughes: Digitizing Collections, Strategic issues for the information manager, 2004. Read: Chapter 1,2,3,4, and 6,7,8. Chapter 9 and 10 are optional.

Other literature: and reports or publications from:

Time and place: Thursdays 9.30 - 12.30 hours. Lipsius 1175 - 203

Course load: 5 ECTS

Contact hours

Exercises                                             10
Literature 50
paper 60
Total: 140


Weekly programme:

1.     9 February 2006

Title: Digital Cultural Heritage Landscape

Contents: Cultural Heritage Institutions, National and international management framework;

Projects, online journals, discussionlists, handbooks, expertise centra

2. 16 February 2006

 Title: Search & Retrieval of Cultural Heritage Resources

Contents: Projects & webexamples; user perspectives & expectations

3.     23 February 2006

Title: Emerging Technologies for Accessing Digital Information

Contents: Semantic Web, Thesauri, Taxonomies, Ontologies

Persistent and Perpetual Access

4.     2 March 2006

Title: Large Scale Implementations: Two 'Memory' Cases

Contents: American Memory and Memory of the Netherlands Projects.

Legal Issues

5.     9 March 2006

Title: Presentation & Interfacing & Usability

Contents: presentation; interfacing, usability, project management

6.     16 March 2006

Title: Materials, Project proposals, Project Planning, Costs, documentation, Your Project!

7.     23 March 2006

Title: The Future Digital Heritage Space

Contents: ICT influence on Organisations; Roadmap for Heritage Institutions