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Conference on Comparative Diachronic Syntax

University of Leiden Centre for Linguistics (ULCL), 29-30 August 2003



Location: room 147 in building 1175.

To see the abstracts (in PDF) of the papers, click on the titles.

Friday 29 August

8.45-9.15 registration
9.15-9.30 opening
9.30-10.25 Theresa Biberauer and Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge) Parameter Interaction and Word-Order Change in the History of English
10.30-11.25 Thomas McFadden (University of Pennsylvania) On the Synchronic and Diachronic Role of Case-Marking in Word Order
11.30-11.50 coffee/tea
11.50-12.45 Jan-Wouter Zwart (Groningen University) A Comparative Perspective on Syntactic Change in the History of English
12.50-14.00 lunch (canteen in building 1174, top floor)

Hedde H. Zeijlstra (University of Amsterdam) On the Diachronic Development of Negation

15.00-15.55 Yukiko Morimoto (ZAS, Berlin) Bridging Synchrony and Diachrony in Stochastic OT
16.00-16.20  coffee/tea
16.20-17.15 Susann Fischer (University of Stuttgart) Mesocliticization and Clitic Climbing in Old Romance

Patrick McConvell (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies) Down and Out: Downward Migration and Loss of Pronominal Clitics in Australian Aboriginal Languages

18.20-19.20 drinks
19.45- dinner (for those who want to join)


Saturday 30 August

9.15-10.10 Erika Chisarik (University of Manchester) and Wim van der Wurff (Leiden University) From 'Say' to 'Because': Grammaticalisation and Reanalysis
10.15-11.10 Miao-Hsia Chang (National Taiwan Normal University) and Marina Y. Chen (Chung-Kuo Institute of Technology) Volition Verb Movement in Taiwanese Southern Min and Mandarin Chinese
11.15-11.35 coffee/tea
11.35-12.30 Kazuha Watanabe (Cornell University) The Development of Continuative Aspect: A Comparative Study
12.35-14.00 lunch (in town)
14.00-14.55 Geert Booij (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Ans van Kemenade (University of Nijmegen) and Bettelou Los (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) The Diachrony of Complex Predicates in West Germanic

Marion Elenbaas (University of Nijmegen), Corrien Blom (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), and Geert Booij (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) The Diachrony of Complex Predicates: A Case Study of English and Dutch

16.00-16.15 coffee/tea
16.15-17.10 Nigel Vincent and Thórhallur Eythórsson (University of Manchester) The Rise and Fall of Dative Subjects

Leonid Kulikov (University of Nijmegen/Leiden University) Grammaticalization of a Reciprocal Pronoun in a Diachronic Perspective: Evidence from Vedic Sanskrit



Olaf Koeneman (Groningen University) Explaining the Rise of New Verb Cluster Orders in Frisian-Based Dialects




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