Demographic Revolution: General Links

source doc British Imperial Convicts Transported to Western Australia from 1850 to 1868 Compiled by Reg Gauci.
List of convicts and convicts’ ships.
source doc Convict Tickets of Leave in NSW 1788 to 1850
This site examines the development of the law and practice governing convict tickets of leave in the colony of New South Wales from 1788 to 1850.
source doc Convicts to Australia: a Guide to Researching your Convicts Ancestors Convicts lists
source doc Irish Convicts to Australia
More than 160,000 convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1868. Some of the ships used to transport convicts have been put online.
source doc Irish Convicts to Australia 1791-1820
On line database which contains details of Irish convicts who were transported to New South Wales in the period 1791 - 1820
source doc Irish Convicts to New South Wales
List of ships transporting convicts to New South Wales 1791-1820
source doc Lincolnshire Archives
This index lists persons convicted of crimes in Lincolnshire up to 1840 and transported to Australia.
source doc The first Fleet Data Base
Throughout the eighty-year period of active Transportation, convicts were sent to Australia from England, Ireland, Scotland and other British possessions.
source doc The National Archives of Ireland Transportation Records Database
Searchable database of convicts and their family members who were transported to the Australian subcontinent in the last century.
source doc The Wellington Valley Convicts, 1823-31
A database which traces the career of over 100 convicts who served part of their sentence at the Government's penal establishment at Wellington Valley, in the central west of New South Wales.



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