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source doc The Crusades Content Listing
Course; includes extensive information about the the major crusades.


source doc The Crusades
Another Course (History of Western Civilization) by Dr. Ellis L. Knox, Boise State University Last revised 31 July 1995


source doc Crusades
Catholic Encyclopedia


 source doc Selected Sources: The Crusades
From the Medieval Sourcebook. Links to primary sources (crusades and crusades orders)


source doc Crusades
From the Grandes Chroniques de France, Paris, 14th Century.
The Bibliothèque Nationale de France during the The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)


source doc Crusades States in the Early 12th Century


source doc Europe at the time of the First Crusade


source doc Fourth and Later Crusades


source doc Second and Third Crusades


source doc Bibliographies The Crusades
Compiled by Lynn Nelson


source doc A Guide to Online Resources, Crusades
This page gives a brief history of the crusades and their military and political background.


source doc Europe at the time of the Crusades
Clickable map



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