The Migration to North America, General Links

source doc British North America 1776 - 1867
Clickable map. You can click on the name of the colony for more information about its status in the period between the American Revolution and Confederation in 1867
source doc Cyndi's List - Ships & Passenger Lists
Site with links to many ship, passenger and crew lists sites.
source doc European Territorial Claims in North America c. 1700
Clickable map. You can click on the different labels for more information on each of these areas of European influence in the early 18th Century.
source doc US Immigration History
source doc Historical United States Census Browser
Searchable database. The site gives information about the people and the economy of the US for each state and county from 1790 to 1970.
source doc Immigration and Settlement
Immigration and Settlement is a part of the Map Collections: 1544-1996 homepage. You can find large-scale maps such as individual land surveys, county land ownership maps and atlases, and large-scale topographic maps.
source doc Immigration, the living mosaic of people, culture and hope
Brief history of the migration of different nationalities.
source doc Immigrant ship transcribers guild
Passenger Lists listed by ship name, port of departure and arrival.
source doc Migrations The Americas, 1600-1800
This site explores the migrations of Europeans and Africans into the lands of the Native Americans.
source doc The Early Migration To Westmoreland County, PA



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