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The Economic History of Japan 1860-Present


There is very little on-line information on Japanese economic history (or else it is in Japanese and we cannot access it). For some additional information visit our: Economic History of South East Asia Site . You may also wish to visit our Business History Site and select Japan and Korea. All the information here is arranged in rough chronological order, ending with some link sites that we found useful.

Hoshimi Uchida, Short History of Japanese Technology, 1995.
Kozo Yamamura, ed. The Economic Emergence of Modern Japan, 1997.
Meiji Period in Japan, Not a special site, consists of short stories about the industrial beginnings and much more.
US/Japanese Trade Relations. Summary sketch from the opening of Japan to now.
Steven J. Ericson. The Sound of the Whistle: Railroads and the State in Meiji Japan, 1996.
Kenneth Brown, Britain and Japan: A Comparative Economic and Social History since 1900, 1998.
Great Kanto Erthquake (1923). Photographs by Peter Kengelbacher.
Etsuo Abe and Terry Gourvish, editors, Japanese Success? British Failure? Comparisons in Business Performance since 1945, 1997.
T. J. Pempel, Regime Shift: Comparative Dynamics of the Japanese Political Economy, 1998.
James H. Youngquist, Japan's Trade Imbalance: How It Evolved and New Policies Being Advanced by Japanese Leadership, 1996.
Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Asian Perspectives on Globalisation and Intra-regional Dynamics, 1998.
Japanese Economic Indicators, Mostly from the late 1980s onwards.
The Asian Crisis, Links Site.
Japanese Economy Documents from the Japanese Ministry of Finance, including reform measures against current crisis (period: 1990-).

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