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Jaargang 3, extra nummer (maart 2003)


Actualiteitencollege China, Taiwan, Hongkong

"Understanding the Revision of Marriage Law (2001) of the Peopleís Republic of China"

The newly revised Marriage Law (April 2001) of the Peopleís Republic of China has caught frenzy media attention both in China and in the West. Among several major areas of amendment, bao-er-nai (concubine) issue arose the most heated discussion. The enthusiasm can be explained partly by the fact that the subject matter is controversial and concerning citizenís private life. However, it can also be attributed to the conscious steps the state took to open to the public consultation. From the process of amendment, it can be observed that different actors, particularly legal experts and All-China Womenís Federation, managed to push their claims, and to some extent the legitimacy of these claims come from public endorsement. Nevertheless, these claims did not always enter the final draft. In view of the unprecedented enthusiasm and spaces opened for public discussion, some scholars argued that the process of amendment reflects the public awareness on gender equality, as well as reveals peopleís participation in policy making. What does the amendment process tell us about the change of legislative mechanism and the relations between the state and the civil society in China today? Why does it only happen to the revision of the Marriage Law and not to other laws?

Spreker: mw Melody Lu Chia Wen
Taal: Engels
Tijd: vrijdag 7 maart 2003, 15:15 u
Plaats: WSD 1175/002
Centraal Faciliteitengebouw
Cleveringaplaats 1
Contact: Prof. dr. Axel Schneider
071-527 2216




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